Our People

It is our staff’s enthusiasm, determination, commitment and ability to inspire our pupils to strive for success that sets our school apart.


To contact a member of staff below, the individual’s School email address is: firstname.surname@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk

Board of Trustees

Mike Palmer

Chair of Trustees

Layla Tree


Thomas Moore


Juan Carlos Soto


Corinna Tebbutt


Tobias Emonts-Holley


Rod Grant


Zahid Hanif


Management Team

Nick Brett

Chair of Management

Helen Newton

School Coordinator

Alistair Pugh

Co-Chair College of Teachers

Hester Machin

Co-Chair College of Teachers

Susie Musgrave

Early Years Coordinator

School Finance

Lesley Chari


Non-teaching staff

Jenny Innes

Admissions Officer

Sarah Miller

Communications Coordinator

Jamie Bowers-Clark

IT Coordinator

Lynn Keggie

School Office

Kathleen McMichael

School Office

Karin Meys

Overseas Pupils / School Lunches

Jane Dewer

Lower School Librarian

Ian Sutherland

School Caretaker

Specialist Teachers

Renske Brune

Exam Biology & Maths Teacher


Wendy Boyd

Exam German Teacher


Penny Reid

Exam Art Teacher


Kirsty MacDonald-Russell

Exam English Teacher & Main Lessons

Michael Hooper

Exam Physics & Biology Teacher

Alistair Pugh

Exam Geography Teacher / Main Lessons

Karine Greffin

Exam French Teacher

Richard Baldock

Woodwork Teacher

Peter Sheen

Physical Education Teacher

Camille McHaffie

Handwork Teacher


Daniela Ciurariu

Eurythmy Teacher

Rachel Craig

French Teacher / Main Lessons

Leonie Le-Maistre

Form Drawing, Modelling, Art Teacher

Ximena Rohde

Maths & Crafts Teacher

Javier Gonzalez

Subjects Teacher / Classroom Assistant

Deirdre Hill

Religious Education / English

Foppe Jellema

Gardening / Religion Teacher

Karin Meys

Stained Glass / Basketwork Main Lessons

Mary Trodden

Art Teacher

Lower School Class Teachers

Class Teachers will ideally stay with their class cohort for a period of eight years, from Class 1 to 8.


Molly Gibb

Class 1 Teacher


Lisa Gordon

Class 2 Teacher


Jenna Dunlop

Class 3 Teacher

Bruce Houldsworth

Class 4 Teacher


Karen Ford

Class 5 Teacher

Vivian Markovich

Class 6 Teacher

Vivienne Mackay

Class 7 Teacher

Nick Brett

Class 8 Teacher

Upper School Class Guardians

Class Guardians will ideally stay with their class cohort for a period of four years, from Class 9 to 12.

Karine Greffin

Class 9 Guardian

Hester Machin

Class 10 Guardian

Foppe Jellema

Class 11 Guardian

Deirdre Hill

Class 12 Guardian