Class Teachers

In most instances the same teacher will remain with their pupils from the start of formal education in Class 1 to the age of 14 years (Class 8).

Vivienne Mackay

Class 1 Teacher

Ximena Rohde

Class 2 Teacher


Molly Gibb

Class 3 Teacher


Lisa Gordon

Class 4 Teacher


Jenna Dunlop

Class 5 Teacher

Bruce Houldsworth

Class 6 Teacher


Karen Ford

Class 7 Teacher

Tiffany Kopp

Class 8 Teacher

It is the Class Teacher’s responsibility to bring each Main Lesson to the pupils in a vivid, pictorial way so that their imaginations are touched and their enthusiasm is fired. School trips expand and reinforce themes taught in Main Lessons.


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Each Class also enjoys the experience of a wide range of specialist subject teachers on a daily basis.