Community & Events

School Ethos

The Edinburgh Steiner School was founded in 1939 on qualities of care, attention and respect which remain central to the school community today.

All Steiner Schools strive to embody this ethos. They are non-hierarchical, with major decisions being taken by the College of Teachers, a group of experienced teachers who meet once a week in the evening to discuss the running of the school. A management group (which is part of the College of Teachers) ensures that decisions are properly implemented. Because every teacher has contributed to the decision-making process, they are committed to upholding the outcomes. This presents a strong example of a close-knit working community to our pupils.

Relationships between teachers, pupils and parents are positive and caring within a strong community in which each family and child can find a place. As a result, many children who have not flourished at other schools settle easily into this supportive environment.

Festivals and Events

As often as possible, we come together as a whole school community to celebrate key seasonal festivals. At Michaelmas, for example, children from each class help to prepare a meal which we then share together.

Each week there is a Friday Market on the school grounds, during which pupils and parents can browse and buy from the various stalls, as well as catch up with one another.

Our Spring Fayre and Christmas Market are both opportunities to invite the wider community to visit us and share song, food and the crafts produced by our talented staff and parents.

The Tuesday Notice

The Tuesday Notice is a weekly newsletter for parents, staff, and friends of the School.

We accept short adverts/notices from people who have a direct connection with the School. They are published at the School’s discretion. Submissions cost £3 per week. All funds will be supporting ‘Growing Spaces’ – the school’s ambitious campus development project.

Notices must be submitted using the form below, via email or by handing in at the School Office. Please aim to submit requests by the Friday before publication.

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