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Last updated: 14 May 2018

Thank you for visiting Edinburgh Steiner School website.

Keeping your information safe and secure

We are committed to keeping personal information safe and confidential. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information is collected when you visit our site, how it is collected, how we may use that information, where we store it, how long we store it, and how we protect it. We will also explain your rights in relation to your personal information.

Please read the following information carefully.

For convenience, we have divided our data protection policies into three separate pages:

  1. Our Privacy Policy – this policy explains generally how we collect, use, store, and protect your personal information when you visit our site.
  2. Our Cookie Policy – our Cookie Policy is available HERE and explains more about how we may collect personal information via cookies (it also explains what cookies are).
  3. Our Retention Policy – you can find out how long we may hold onto your personal information HERE.

Who We Are

We are Edinburgh Steiner School Trust. We are registered in Scotland as a registered charity. Our registered number is SC002109 and our registered address is 60 – 64 Spylaw Road, Edinburgh EH10 5BR.

But for the purposes of this Cookie Policy, we will refer to ourselves as “we”.

This Privacy Policy applies to our site and any other services that we may provide to you through our site (we’ll just call these “ourservices” for short).

In the context of this Privacy Policy “personal information” means information which, on its own or in combination with other information, can be used to identify you, in particular by reference to an identifier such as your name, your address, or location data.

Provided that you consent to us collecting your personal information when you visit our site then this Privacy Policy will govern how we may use that personal information.

Because we are a school located in Scotland the personal information that you give us or that we collect from you will be held under Scottish data protection legislation (butwe’ll just refer to this as “the legislation”). The legislation requires that we tell you that we are a data controller for your personal information or, in other words, we determine the purposes for which and the manner in which any of your personal information are, or are to be, processed by us.


How You Consent to Us Collecting Your Personal Information

When you visit our site you should see a pop-up at the centre of your screen directing you to this Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.

By clicking or selecting the “I Agree” button that appears in the pop-up then you are demonstrating to us that you are freely giving us informed and specific consent for us to collect and process your personal information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and you are accepting and consenting to the practices described.

If you do not click or select the “I Agree” button that appears in the pop-up  at the centre of your screen then we will endeavour to notcollect your personal information – this is subject to the caveat below.

If you do not see a pop-up at the centre of your screen then you may have already accepted our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. You may also be using a pop-up blocker or similar tools that may prevent this policy from being brought to your attention. Please ensure that any pop-up blockers are disabled when you use our site. We cannot be held liable to you if you use pop-up blocks or similar tools that prevent us from complying with our obligations under the legislation.

Caveat: Even if you do not click or select the “I Agree” button there is still some information that we may automatically collect about you – this normally isn’t personal information but rather technical information sent by your device and used to connect your computer, tablet, or mobile device to the Internet, including your browser type and version, the time when you visit our site, your time zone setting, certain browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform. This type of information is sent by you to our site automatically and it isn’t something that we can prevent. We only use this information to administer our site including troubleshooting, load testing, traffic throughput, data analysis, performance testing, and for anonymised research and statistics purposes that we only use internally.

We will only hold your personal information as detailed in our Retention Policy HERE.

Capturing data

When you’re browsing and using this site we often capture data about you. Sometimes we do it directly, sometimes indirectly. Please note that the information given by you will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 for the purposes of: processing your request and providing you with information about what we offer and for auditing usage of the site. If you contact us or book a school tour, we will use your personal data in accordance with the consents that you give us when you apply.


We will not disclose your information to other parties and can assure you that the information given will only be used for internal purposes.

Site tracking information

We are committed to improving the service and information we are able to provide our users. We are therefore continually seeking ways of improving and upgrading the website. With this in mind, we reserve the right to change the way this site operates and how we process information. However, we will continue to respect the privacy and preferences of all users.

How long will we hold onto your personal information?

Depending on how you engage with us it may be necessary for us to store your personal information for shorter or longer periods of time. Either way, we will only store your personal information for a legitimate and lawful reason. Please remember that this Privacy Policy only applies to how we may collect, store, use, and retain your personal information when you visit our site. If you are a parent of a pupil or you are a who is 12 years or older and attend our school then you will be bound by the terms of additional policies that specifically relate to how we may use your personal information.

You can find details on how long we may hold onto your personal information in our Retention Policy which can be found HERE.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Nick Brett, Edinburgh Steiner School Data Protection Officer at or on 0131 337 3410

If you prefer to write to us, then you can find our postal address at the bottom of this document.