Student Council

The Student Council was founded in 2019 and now meets regularly to provide a forum for discussion between Upper School pupils and to act as a formal means of communication between pupils throughout the school and teachers.

It is made up of at least two representitives from Classes 8 -12, who observe a clear remit set in constitution.


Bella Tree

Co Chair (> Easter 2024)


Luca Sheen

Co Chair (> Easter 2024)

Previous Student Council Chairs include:

Ruby Soutar

Chair (2023/24)

Sally-Tsang-Student-Council-ESS-Chair (202223)

Sally Tsang

Co Chair (2022/23)


Euan Mckenzie

Co Chair (2022/23)

Roseanna-Holbrook-Student-Council-Chair-ESS Chair (2021/22)

Roseanna Holbrook

Chair (2021/22)


Saul Sutcliffe

Chair (2020/21)


Jake Horsburgh

Chair (2019/20)