Class Guardians

Each class is assigned a Guardian who looks after their overall well-being throughout their time in the Upper School. He or she carries a deep knowledge of the Steiner curriculum, as it relates to the Upper School program, and guides the pupils knowledgeably through the crucial stages of adolescence.


The Guardian is many things: mentor, confessor, authority figure, bank manager, diary secretary, curriculum manager, go- between, arbiter, and trip organiser.

Alin Ciurariu

Class 9 Guardian

Barbara Scott

Class 10 Guardian

Karine Greffin

Class 11 Guardian

Hester Machin

Class 12 Guardian

The ultimate aim of the Guardian is to evolve from manager and authority figure into partner; someone who works with an independent and self-motivated group of young adults to help them achieve their potential and contribute in a lasting and positive way to the school and wider community. The most fundamental definition of Steiner education is ‘education towards freedom’.

At any time, pupils can make a confidential appointment with Careers Guidance, meet with their Class Guardian or a member of the School’s Management Team to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have.


Pastoral Care