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Michaelmas Food Bank Collection

The Edinburgh Steiner School community has donated 1,240kg of food since it started donating at Michaelmas in 2015. And this year we are collecting again.


All contributions will go to local Edinburgh Food Project (formerly Edinburgh North West Foodbank) and we would be very grateful if our community of parents / carers could send in food items the charity is really low on. Leading up to Michaelmas 2023, this list includes vegetables, pulses and rice (dried or tinned):

Beans: e.g. Butter, Broad, Cannellini, Haricot, Flageolet, Kidney, Mung, Pinto, Blackeye, (tins Baked Beans)

Dry Peas: e.g. Split Green/ Yellow, Whole Yellow / Green

Rice: e.g. Brown, White

Lentils: e.g. Green, Red, Brown, Beluga (black), French, Dark Speckled

Chickpeas: e.g. Kabuli, Desi

All tinned vegetables


(Whilst Edinburgh Food Project are in dire need of the above whole ingredients, donations of any foods will be gratefully received. View their ‘urgent‘ list here, which is updated regularly).


There will be a collection box in each classroom for your child or young person to add to from Monday 25th – Friday 29th September (Michaelmas). 


This makes a significant difference to local vulnerable people in crisis. It is entirely voluntary and there is no expectation you must do this.


It is entirely voluntary and there is no expectation you must do this. Thank you to all those families who contribute.


Scholar: Food Bank Volunteer

Retired former pupil, Bill Irving, continues to give his time to Edinburgh Food Project for as long as his former School has been donating. Bill attended the school – then known as Rudolf Steiner School of Edinburgh – from the age of 4 in Kindergarten all the way through, graduating in 1963.

“I need to be doing things in retirement,” Bill said, as he loads the boxes and boxes of donated items into the back of his van from the School gate, to later be made up into food parcels for vulnerable people in crisis.