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Last Open Tour Of Academic Year On Friday

Accepting pupils throughout the academic year, Waldorf is the flagship educational movement in Scotland where pupils start late…and finish ahead. 

Based upon the principles of the internationally renowned founder, Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf remains the fastest growing holistic education, with a creative, developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous approach.


In more than a thousand schools worldwide, we aim to develop a child’s emotional, spiritual, physical and academic potential equally.



  • We are the only school in the Capital that does not start formal learning until children are in their seventh year (the norm globally).
  • Screen-free classrooms are provided for the younger years, where play is seen as central to learning and wellbeing.
  • In our rapidly changing world, having the same Class Teacher through most, if not all, of their Lower School years provides a haven of stability and continuity which is enxtremely rare in education.
  • Each Class enjoyes the experience of a wide range of Specialist Teachers on a daily basis, including two different languages from age 6.
  • Seamless transition for senior pupils.



  • Irrespective of whether pupils veer towards the arts or the sciences in their exam choices, they continue to receive a valuable grounding across all subjects through the rich Main Lesson Programme.
  • Advanced Highers across the disciplines are part of the 2024/25 to exams diet.
  • Exam subject pupil-to-teacher ratios are typically 8:1 or lower. Consistently healthy exam results.
  • Innovative, portfolio-based, self-directed qualifications that develop eleven creative thinking skills. Equivalent to three GCSEs.
  • An embracing cohort of up to 25 pupils per year. “My peers accepted me into the class,” the Open Tour Pupil Panel reply to the most commonly asked question from parents of a young person looking to change schools.


The Open Tour will be visiting Class 4’s Human Being and Animal Main Lesson, Class 6s Algebra lesson and Class 11s Bookbinding Main Lesson, followed by an exam English Lesson, to offer a glimpse into the Lower, Middle & Upper School; as well as a dynamic Q&A session with senior pupils.