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The School’s unique Open Tours provide an excellent opportunity to observe the children learning, sense the atmosphere and ask more detailed questions about the curriculum and how we teach. Sadly, whilst stringent Covid-19 measures are in place, our ‘in action’ Open Days are not running.

We continue to follow the Scottish Government’s advice on how these may restart; and keep our School community updated on the measures on our website here: Coronavirus (Covid-19). In the meantime, we welcome you to utilise the information here as a virtual tour for you to get a feel for life at Edinburgh Steiner School and answer any questions you have.

We are receiving, processing and accepting applications for our newly registered Playgroup for children aged 2 and over, our three Kindergarten groups for children of mixed ages (3.5 – 6.5 years old), and our School (for pupils aged 6 – 18), with a capacity of up to 360 pupils.

An Individual Tour

In addition to the Prospectus, we have put together a virtual tour of our School that will hopefully provide the answers to most of your curiosities. This includes:

  • Our alternative curriculum
  • Child-friendly architecture
  • School news
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Fees & bursary; and how to meet the costs of childcare (Early Years)
  • Our portfolio-based Integrated Education qualifications
  • Pupil wellbeing
  • Main Lesson programme
  • Publications and policies
  • Examinations
  • Nutritious school lunches
  • Sustainability
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Social media links
  • Photo gallery of our campus, which sits within three acres of protected conservation area, as well as
  • A virtual 360 degree tour of the Early Years purpose-built rooms and nature playground.
  • Freely accessed book ‘An Essential Guide to Steiner Waldorf Education at Edinburgh Steiner School’ (updated in 2020)
  • Waldorf Steiner in 100 Objects Exhibition (online)
  • School Assembly (online)
  • Tuesday Notice: the School’s weekly ezine (email subscription)

Meet a Class Teacher

In these very strange times we find ourselves in, we would also like to offer you the opportunity to speak directly with your child’s prospective Class Teacher, who stays with the Class until the Upper School; or Class Guardian, who holds the Class in their final four years of the pupils’ school careers.


This informal virtual meeting can give you and your child the opportunity to ask any questions that are specific to the class your child will be joining – pupil numbers, curriculum content, how new pupils come into a close-knit group, as well as any queries that are unique to your situation. If desired, we will also invite prospective classmates to join the end of this meeting so as to give you a pupil’s perspective too.


Next steps

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We look forward to introducing you to our school.