How does the School respond to claims that some of Rudolf Steiner’s writings were problematic?

Edinburgh Steiner School acknowledge the injustice and discrimination faced by people of colour in the UK and around the world over multiple generations. We recognise the immense damage this has done and the impact such discrimination continues to have on the members of those communities as regards being treated equally and allowing people to pursue their hopes and dreams in life freely.

It is fundamental to the ethos of Steiner Waldorf education that we be engaged in a continual process of enquiry, self education and self-reflection both as individuals and as organisations. At Edinburgh Steiner School (ESS) and alongside Waldorf UK, we have been engaging in such a process.


You can read our full statement here: Anti Racism Statement


Waldorf UK is the national representative body for Steiner Waldorf education in the UK. An association of schools and early years settings it has members from across the UK offering Waldorf education: Anti Racism Policy