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We are collaborating with School Angel – the charity for schools, to raise money through a programme that returns money to us when you shop at popular retailers. UK companies offer up to 10% rebates meaning full participation by our community could bring our school over £400,000 in outside support for Growing Spaces, so please shop via our charity page when you can.

School Angel work with lots of large UK brands, such as John Lewis, Evans Cycles and The Body Shop, who have agreed to donate a portion of their profit if you go via our fundraising link to visit their shop.

Receiving 5% of £500 a month spending for groceries, clothing, necessities, flights, utility bills, gifts, and those one-off purchases like a new fridge or kid’s bike, multiplied by 150 families totals £45,000 a year to our school, so please start now.

You are guaranteed to only pay exactly the same price for whatever you buy, but our school will also receive a rebate. Giftcards can also be bought through our fundraising page to spend in store.

Scan our unique QR code in the sidebar to link directly to our page or click on the ‘Shop now’ button at the top of the page. Alternatively, search ‘Growing Spaces’ at Once on our page, scroll down to click on the retailer your finger is heading to, and shop as normal.

No need to ever create an account or login; there are no passwords; no adverts on the site; and School Angel will never trouble you with junk mail. It is an efficient  non-profit too, with £0.90 in every £1 going to the bricks and mortar of our school.

Our hope is that our staff, you, your friends and relatives might consider visiting our fundraising page prior to your purchases where you can over the coming years. Little cookies take account of your path via us to the brand. Clarks, for example, will then pass on 7.5% of the sale to our school for the privilege of being given the opportunity to be socially responsible, giving back to the community.

You can see how much our pot of funds have grown by on the first Monday of every month.

To slot this initiative into busy lives, we have wee labels that can be stuck onto a laptop or inside a mobile phone case, as well as business cards that can be slotted next to your credit card. These can be picked up from the office, sent home via your child or posted to you. Please email if you would like some.