Chess Club

About the club


Edinburgh Steiner School’s Chess Club is of benefit to parents of young chess enthusiasts who are looking to reduce their child’s exposure to screen time; as well as those where Fridays suit their after-school calendar.


Many chess clubs involve screen-based resources to deliver the ‘learning’ section of the lesson, employing the computer to train the child’s chess tactics and understanding, and partake in mini online games with a virtual opponent; or use video calls over Skype where computer screens are shared so that both the tutor and the pupil are able to see and move the chess pieces.


Whilst computers have become a part of everyday life, and the School’s computing facilities are an integral part of the Upper School curriculum, the Lower School consciously is a technology low environment where the main teaching aid is predominantly the teacher, utilizing the blackboard to engage and enliven the pupils’ emotional connection to the subject; and where computers have no place, as it is felt they impede the work of the School.


Our tutor offers classes in many other schools around Edinburgh where technology aids them in delivering the lesson (more information available on their website). Here, Edinburgh Chess Academy have tailored the workshops, offering a tech-low Club where children can physically attend classes with other children to interact with their opponent across the board; exchange views about the game, the move, the position of the pieces; and compete with peers who share a hobby.


From beginners to internationalists, a ratio of up to 12 players per tutor are welcomed. Both Friday clubs are open to pupils and children 6+ years old from surrounding schools.


Joining the club

We currently offer two sessions:
Friday 1.30-2.30pm
Friday 3.15-4.15pm

Spring term dates: Fri 10th Jan – Fri 27th March (no sessions on  Fri 7th or 14th Feb)
Summer term dates: Fri 24th April – Fri 26th June (except Fri 15th May)

These are hosted on the first floor of our Edinholme building.

To book, please complete the quick and easy registration form below and pay for your selected session by following the link to our School shop.

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About our tutor


Co-founder of Edinburgh Chess Academy, Jade teaches chess full-time in twelve schools across Edinburgh.  In 2017, Jade and Andrew set up the Edinburgh Chess Academy (ECA) to help develop chess further in Edinburgh and the Lothians area.


A major aim is to get children problem-solving from a young age. From their experience, most school chess clubs do not teach children chess, but rather provide a venue simply for playing against each other.  The risk is that the children are quickly bored by the repetition. To really enjoy the strategic game, they need to be taught chess as a subject.


Jade McClelland teaches in a unique way using interactive methods based on an established approach to teaching called the “Step” method, which is used throughout Europe. She has had great success in her chess coaching career, with many of her pupils reaching the finals of the UK Chess Challenge. There are now several promising Edinburgh Steiner players at competition level. Jade is teaching chess in a modern and unique way; and is currently building a team to compete in the Lothian Junior Chess League.



If you are interested in the research, more information can be found at the following link here.