Computer Coding Club

Taught by teacher Fergus Murray, this Club takes place in the Computer Room in Woodlands building on Thursdays at 4pm – 5.15pm, and is open to pupils in Classes 8 – 12 (maximum 10 pupils).


Make games, create interactive animations, build toy universes. Coding, or programming, is how all computer software is made. It is one of the most powerful tools available to modern humans, and one of the most versatile creative media. At Coding Club we explore this technology through experimentation and creativity.


Mr Murray has an MSc in Computer Games Engineering, and worked as a freelance web developer and programmer before becoming a teacher. He has also created a variety of online educational resources using coding skills, along with maths and science, including ‘Atomic Arcade‘ with the help of a grant from the Institute of Physics.


In the Upper School curriculum, Steiner Waldorf education embraces technology in ways that enhance the learning process, by using it as a tool, rather than replace the role of the teacher; and pupils quickly master technology. Edinburgh Steiner School is situated in a city viewed as a miniature Silicon Valley, with an ambition to become the data capital of Europe. It has a leading tech ecosystem, with an estimated 66,000 people employed in the sector (7% of the workforce). This is larger than the hospitality industry; and many Steiner Waldorf graduates have gone on to successful careers in the tech industry.