How do you deal with bullying?

The School does not condone bullying under any circumstances, be it physical or psychological. Any report of an incident of bullying, whether from a child, a concerned parent/carer or a member of staff, will be taken seriously.


All teachers have a responsibility to investigate every reported incident and the School has a pastoral and pupil support structure which ensures all reports are followed through. Where issues of social inclusion are identified, teachers work with pupils to develop solutions through empathy and compassion.


In a small school, with a close-knit community, positive relationships are very important. We therefore encourage strong connections via peer to peer support. For example, each pupil in Class 1 has a ‘buddy’ in Class 12.


Pupil Wellbeing

As a school, we have a responsibility to support all areas of our pupil’s wellbeing – safety, physical and mental health, achievement, nurture, physical activity, respect, responsibility and inclusion (no one area being more, or less, important than the others). Steiner Schools have a good reputation for caring for the whole child and helping them realise their own unique potential.


To learn more about the School’s Social Inclusion Group, Child Protection Team and Pupil Support Department, as well as our Wellbeing Reporter forms and Eyes & Ears boxes on campus for pupils, parents and teachers, visit Pupil Wellbeing.