How big are your classes?

The Seedlings Playgroup invites up to ten children from aged 2 to around 3.5 years old each day. As of 2021 there are two Seedlings Groups.


In the Kindergarten, mixed-age-group sizes average about 10-12, and sometimes as large as 14.


In the Lower and Upper Schools, our year groups are known as ‘Classes’ and the average Class size is about 18-20. Classes can be as small as 10 or as big as 30, but these extremes are very rare. For a variety of reasons, a Class with 25 children is normally regarded as ‘full’.


In the Middle and Upper Schools, Classes are usually split into smaller groups for many craft, movement and exam lessons. Class sizes in exam subjects in Classes 10-12 will rarely exceed 10 pupils, and the median class size will be closer to 5 or 6.