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Class 8 Present ‘The Winter’s Tale’

The King of Sicilia, Leontes, is at war with himself.  He believes that his pregnant wife, Hermione, has been cheating on him.  Not only that, but she thinks she is cheating on him with his best friend, Polixenes, the King of Bohemia.  The more Leontes thinks about this, the more he believes himself and finally decides that his unborn child cannot be his.

The King of Bohemia hears of Leontes’ accusation and flees back to Bohemia for safety, leaving Leontes to put his heavily pregnant wife in prison.  When the child, a girl is born, Leontes orders the child to be abandoned on a remote shore.  Hermione is forced to face trial.

A shepherd discovers the child and raises her as her own.  Time passes.  Sixteen years later, the son of Polixenes gets lost while hunting through the wilds of Bohemia.  When he sets eyes on the mysterious young Shepherdess, it is love at first sight…

After the harsh winter of the first half, what will happen when spring comes to the tale..?