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Class 4’s Animal Projects Exhibition

As part of Class 4’s four-week ‘The Human Being and the Animals’ Main Lesson each pupil chooses an animal to investigate in detail.

The children make a 3D model of an animal of their choosing, accompanied by a well researched report combining hand-written and artistic pages. They will deliver a talk to their class of peers. It is important the projects include oral, artistic and written elements.


The animal projects use a whole array of materials from clay, felt, paper, wool, plasticine; applying many of the skills they have built up over the previous years, including modelling, drawing, painting, literacy, reading, knitting and cursive hand-writing


Children from various other classes are invited to see the exhibition of Animal Projects. The 9- and 10-year-old pupils usually have their desks in a circle with their projects on top to enable the visitors to walk around and ask questions.