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An Evening on the Upper School

On Tuesday 14th November, ESS is hosting an evening on the Upper School in the School Hall at 7.30pm. Whilst this will be of particular interest to families from Clases 6 – 9, this event is open to any parent, carer or pupil with an interest in understanding more about what lies ahead in Classes 9 – 12.


Interim Head of School, Nick Brett, will provide an overview of a pupil’s future following the transition from the Lower School. Alistair Pugh and Hester Machin will be speaking about Integrated Education, a unique form of assessment available at ESS from Class 8. Michael Hooper will share his experience of teaching the sciences – as a Main Lesson, a weekly subject block in Class 10 and at exam level, in a Steiner Waldorf school. Advanced Higher Art Teacher, Penny Reid, is the fifth keynote speaker, who will address the rigor of examinations at this level. Student representitives from the Upper School will also be doing a Q&A.


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