Advanced Highers

Edinburgh Steiner School is delivering a taught programme of Advanced Highers starting August 2024, in person.


Why sit Advanced Highers?

In recent years the UK, and Scotland in particular, has experienced ‘grade inflation’: more school leavers are applying to universities with a greater number of higher grades. This means that competition for places, especially at the most popular universities, has also increased. Some universities (such as Glasgow) are asking for one or more Advanced Highers in addition to 4 or 5 good Higher grades before considering an application for some popular courses. Having Advanced Highers will improve a learner’s chances of getting onto the course they want to take at the university of their choice.


Why choose Edinburgh Steiner School?

The programme will be similar to a college experience, but within the supportive atmosphere of a school, allowing learners the freedom to pursue other interests, courses, work or travel during the year. Class sizes will be small. Our in-person taught programme could also be an alternative to online courses.  Our Advanced Higher Prospectus includes answers to the below:


  • What courses will be offered?


  • Will these be ‘taught’ courses or tutor-supported courses?


  • Entry requirements


  • How and when will courses be taught?


  • Where will learners sit their exams?


  • Will learners experience an element of the Steiner ethos?


  • How much will it cost?


  • How is the cost calculated?


  • When are course fees due and how will they be paid?


  • Are refunds given if a learner drops out of a course?


  • Do bursaries or other discounts apply to fees for Advanced Highers?


  • What will the school provide?


  • Can pupils in Class 12 take the new Advanced Highers?