The Elephant In The Room

5th March

A group of Upper School pupils and teachers have formed a group to discuss topical climate issues that affect the school. They are currently looking into reducing the amount of plastic the school uses and exploring how the school can embrace solar energy.

For instance, would you like to know how much paper the school uses? Do you know how much we spend on gas and electricity? Where do we source our products and materials? Are there improvements you would like to suggest and help see these become a reality?

This initiative to become more climate literate and climate kind follows Class 12s appeal for more supermarkets to go plastic free after UK retailer Iceland made the change to its own-brand product packaging. 0.8 million tonnes of plastic packaging is generated by supermarkets year on year. That is equivalent to 1 billion elephants.

Stand with Class 12 by supporting this petition. And please do come along to the Climate Change meetings, Monday lunchtimes, in the handwork room.

Hand-drawn posters by pupil, put up around the school campus to raise awareness of supermarkets use of plastic packaging. 


Class 8 pupil explored the damaging effects of plastic on our wildlife for her independent project (2018).  Above is a rug she made from supermarket plastic bags. Take a look whats been ingested by the bird. Below is another art piece from the project in exhibition.