Prestigious recognition for alumna and Chief Scientist of Scottish Water

10th March, 2019


Elise Cartmell

Professor. Elise Cartmell, former pupil of ’89, is one of 62 new Fellows appointed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE),  an Academy contributing to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Scotland through the advancement of learning and useful knowledge.

“I’m delighted to be joining the RSE as a Fellow and proud to be appointed to such an influential group of people, recognised as experts in their fields,” said Elise.

“I’m looking forward to future involvement with the RSE and bringing together business and applied science to support current environmental challenges and opportunities.”

Scotland has an ambition to be a world leader in the responsible management of water resources. Scottish Water generate more than double the amount of renewable energy than the electricity that they use in their operations.

Professor Cartmell is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. She leads the sampling, laboratory and scientific services for Scottish Water to help provide the science foundation for effective decision making and ensure the protection of public health and the environment

Recently rolling out their Top up from the Tap campaign, Dr Cartmell and her colleagues at Scottish Water are inspiring the nation to rethink the way we consume water. The first Top up Tap was introduced outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh this year. 30 towns and cities over the next two years will be served with Scottish Water Top Up Tap water dispensers. “In terms of water quality standards” Dr Cartmell says, “Scottish water is one of the best in the world”. Scottish Water’s vision is to be Scotland’s most valued and trusted business.

Professor Cartmell is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Founder’s Day, celebrating 80 years of Steiner Education in Edinburgh with former teachers, pupils and friends of the school. Her talk will focus on her work towards ending fossil fuel consumption by 2020 and how her ten years of Steiner education helped her to provide alternative perspectives to challenges. You can also read about Professor Cartmell’s time at Edinburgh Steiner School on our website.


Follow up: 6th May, 2019

Professor Elise Cartmell with Class Guardian and Chemistry Teacher, Mr Gordon Reynolds, at the Founder’s Day event in May, welcoming back alumni of the school in celebration of 80 years of Steiner education in Edinburgh.