Polluted Art in Exhibition by Teacher & Pupil

11th March, 2019

Annie Lord, an Edinburgh Steiner School teacher has been visually speaking out about the state of pollution in the local River Almond: creating a piece of art that incorporates items of real waste found in the river. It is now in exhibition to the public.


The materials for her piece were sourced from rubbish raked from the water, such as wet wipes, sanitary towels and dental floss that are regularly flushed down the toilet and leaking into the river during times of high water levels.


The gallery playing host this piece, featured as a creative reminder for the public, is the Almondell and Calderwood Country Park toilet block.

Artist Annie Lord and Forth Rivers Trust Director Alison Baker unveiling River Rubbish . Photo credit: Neil Hanna

You can read more in The Herald article here.


Annie is not the only member of the Edinburgh Steiner School community involved in such projects. Adam from Class 12 has been volunteering with a conservation group focused on the Water of Leith for two years now.


Starting with a two-week work experience placement, he enjoyed it so much he now regularly works on river clean ups, building and maintenance projects and even working on events for others in the community.


This volunteering even influenced his exam work. Walking around the annual exhibition of Class 11’s G.C.S.E mounted art portfolio last year, footfall would have taken in a piece which follows the journey of an Otter along the river as it encounters pollution.



Left: Adam, now Class 12, incorporated his volunteer work cleaning up the river into his GCSE Art piece, depicting otters in polluted waters. Right: Art teacher Annie Lord with her art piece made from polluting artefacts. Photo Credit Neil Hanna