Bike breakfast for refugees

26th June, 2018


Bike to your breakfast this Friday; and this year help us to raise funds for Bikes for Refugees, a charity proving ‘new Scots’ with a free way to travel to support social inclusion and integration.


Come to school on foot or by bike, scooter, skates balance bike…and join us for a healthy breakfast from 8.10am onwards.


Historically, the percentage of pupils at Edinburgh Steiner School who cycle to school is among the highest of schools in Edinburgh. This annual event celebrates healthy and sustainable ways of getting to school.


While many people travel great distances to the School, thus relying on a car, the school encourage parents/carers to use other means of transport if at all possible, as part of our community’s ongoing efforts to be environmentally conscious.


Actively supporting the national Safe Routes to School Initiative, the PTA is continually working on issues of road safety relevant to our school. The School also offers cycling proficiency tests.


This year, we’ll also have a collection tin for Bikes for Refugees Scotland  so do please bring along some spare change too.

Bikes support the social inclusion and integration of New Scots into Scottish life and sends out an important message of solidarity to people who arrive in Scotland seeking safety and shelter. Bikes and the transformational power of cycling helps isolated families and children to connect with communities, essential services, and to connect with people- helping to forge new friends.

Bikes for Refugees repair and distribute bikes from Edinburgh and Glasgow, offering a free mode of transport. Their workshop is situated in a 40ft shipping container alongside the Union Canal – a short cycle from our school, along the popular cycle path.


See you then!