Award-winning orchestra draws pupils in

24th February, 2019


The beautiful music from the Meadows Chamber Orchestra’s rehearsals ring out from our hall, which has an Edinburgh Steiner pupil among its group. It is just one example of how the school strives to open its facilities to the community, so as their usefulness is fully employed, local community projects are supported, and the opportunities for our pupils expanded.


For over 40 years they have been performing regularly and with critical acclaim to audiences in Edinburgh and beyond; awarded for promoting contemporary music, broadcast on the BBC. Under the artistic direction of its Principal Conductor, Peter Evans, it has established an enviable reputation for imaginative, attractive programming. All players perform on an amateur basis; and include pupils from our school.


Edinburgh Steiner School pupil, Emma, with Principal Conductor, Peter Evans


Class 12 pupil, Emma, plays the violin. In April 2018, The Meadows Chamber Orchestra put on a concert at The Edinburgh Steiner School. As well as Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony, Emma Scott played the Grieg Piano Concerto, stunning us with effortless mastery of the piece. Last night this non-profit organisation put on another incredible programme; with Emma’s Class 1 buddy in the audience, in awe and inspired.  


This local charity uses our hall and grand pianos for weekly rehearsals.

Rehearsing Mozart Piano Concerto… Peter Evans: “Can anyone fill in on the piano while I conduct?” Emma: “Yes?” Peter: “…from memory?” Emma: “…Okay”