Class 8 Projects

From the start of the academic year, the 13-14 year old pupils work on their independent projects. They are of the pupils’ own choosing and done on their own steam over many months.


The Class 8 Projects are part of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum in many schools in the UK and worldwide. As one of the first to introduce them, they have been part of the curriculum at Edinburgh Steiner School since 1996.


An exhibition of their work is then installed in the school hall for other classes and the wider community to view the fruits of their labour. Part of this project involves an oral presentation of the process to an audience of peers, parents and teachers. 


The projects of Class 8 in 2021 were photographed and the presentations filmed. 

To view a gallery of their work, visit


In 2020, as pupils were in lockdown, they presented virtually. They also learnt how to build a web page from scratch to showcase their work to recreate the exhibition online.To view their work, follow the link here.






The Class 8 independent project can gain the pupil the first of two modules in the Certificate of Integrated Education (CIE) – an innovative portfolio-based qualification offering an alternative educational passport to summative exam assessment.


The Independent Project module is recognised by UCAS as equivalent to one GCSE. More amazingly, all of the pupils are a whole year younger than the specified age for this qualification and level of study, such is their capacity for focused, self-directed activity.


Certificate of Integrated Education