Christmas Market Investment Group (CMIG)

Proceeds from our annual Christmas Market are used as a school community funding pot for appropriate uses.


These monies are intended for projects/items that will benefit school life and enhance the experience of the pupils, but are not classed as ‘essential’, core educational needs. Investment in items that are periodically funded by general school budgets such as maintenance and teaching materials budgets (i.e. textbook and boilers replacements) are excluded from this scope.


The spending group, which reports to the PTA, consists of parent volunteers and a staff member who process applications which are encouraged from all in the school community.


The Christmas Market Spending Group is asking applicants for Christmas Market Funds to now use an online form through the following link here: Applications 


Further communication with the group is to be directed by email only:


Completed forms should include all necessary information (supplier, quotes, costs) along with any supporting details you feel is relevant to assist the group in making a funding decision.


CMIG Committee:

Laura Whyte

Juan Carlow Soto

Foppe Jellema

Kamil Moroz

Synnove Frankel


Please read the CMIG Constitution