Become A Host Boarding Family

Every term the School hosts a number of Visiting Students from abroad. In order to be able to do this the School needs families who will host these students for one, two or all three terms (see Session Dates).


Families are typically from with the Waldorf community in Edinburgh who have children in the School or who have since graduated; however we are also inviting neighbours in close proximity to our School to become a host boarding family so as we can meet the demand.


The students are 16 years old or over, often from one of our sister Waldorf schools situated in some 80 countries around the world. They attend the Upper School.


The boarding fee is £175 per week and the Visiting Student is to be treated as part of your family. The boarder will need their own bedroom, breakfast and dinner over the 35 weeks of term.


Edinburgh Steiner School will provide fresh, organic school lunches; and will meet the costs of the required PVG(s) for the adult(s) in the house.


If you are interested please contact Karin Meys, Overseas Student Coordinator, on:

We have hosted Visiting Students from the Edinburgh Steiner School for the last 7 years. It has been a really enriching experience for our family.

Our children now have friends in many countries. We have always treated the students as part of the family, and have enjoyed getting to know new people, and introduced to new cultures.

We have also enjoyed giving young people the opportunity to come to Edinburgh to experience this beautiful city. The School has always been very good about looking after them, and take them on outings etc. They have usually made good friends in their classes, and had experiences that will stay with them for life.”

Synnove Frankel, ESS parent & host

Hosting pupils from abroad has been a very positive experience for us. The teenagers, who mainly come from Germany, fit well into our family and are polite and positive. They give us an insight into what it’s like to grow up in a different country,  while they learn about family life in the UK.

We form friendships that sometimes last for years after they’ve left, and have been welcomed to visit them in Germany.

This summer our son will spend two weeks in Berlin thanks to the bond we formed with a former pupil and his family.

Our children also like to practise their German speaking skills, and of course, we help the pupils with their English just by including them in our daily life.”

Kathrine Jebson-Moore, parent & host