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Play On Friday: One Stoplight Town By Class 8

Class 8 will put on two of three performances of their pedagogical play on Friday; the first to peers during the school day, the second to family, friends and the public at 7pm. Read on below.


The pupils have had just ten days to rehearse their pedagogical play following the exhibition of their Independent Projects last week (revisit: Informal, Formal & Non-formal Learning At The Fore, April 23 2024).

The play by Tracy Wells, One Stoplight Town, is a story about people from a town so small that you might drive through without taking a second look. But if you stopped for just a moment, you might see a young boy and girl fall in love, a cantankerous grocery store owner coping with change, a son returning home while a daughter thinks about leaving, and a handyman taking it all in while he fixes what is broken.
These stories and more are filled with fun characters, lots of humor, plenty of heart and the theme that change comes for us all, whether we are ready or not.
The play this year is co-directed by Class 8 Teacher, Tiffany Kopp and Class 1 Assistant/ Drama Clubs James Cumming. In Class 8, the pupils take on a much larger role in every aspect of the play production, including choosing the play, (suggested by Felicity Browning and voted for by the Class from about a dozen original suggestions). Teacher Alin Ciurariu is helping with lighting and stage design and Teacher Camille McHaffie is helping with costumes.

The poster and programme is designed by Class 8 pupil, Emma Wybrow.

The tradition within Steiner Waldorf Education of offering a major drama production has become a cornerstone of the curriculum for Class 8 (read on: Class 8 Play)
The Class have taken the decision to cancel the scheduled Thursday evening performance in light of the exam diet taking place on Friday morning in the School Hall, coupled with the out-of-the-ordinary decision to offer a performance at the Spring Fair, in honour of the School’s 85th anniversary, where alumni have been invited to attend.

The pupils’ performance on Friday 3rd May during the school day (2.15pm) will be the Class’s first performance, followed by the evening performance for family, friends and the wider public at 7pm. The play will run for around one hour. Pupils in Classes 1 – 5 attending After School Club will have the opportunity to go to the afternoon performance.On Saturday 11th May at the Founder’s Day Spring Fair they will do their final performance, dovetailing the end of the Alumni Lunch (2.45pm) to mark the School’s 85th anniversary.

Entrance will be by donation at the door. Proceeds will go towards the pupils’ international exchange to a sister Waldorf school in Coburg in June.

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Play On Friday: One Stoplight Town By Class 8