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Empowering pupils beyond being the product online

Pupils innovate: from crafting products to mastering marketing with tech – Photoshop, AI, and SEO help create impactful digital assets, showcasing technology’s positive potential in education.


Screen time continues to be a pivotal concern for both parents and schools, underscoring the broader dialogue about technology’s role in education. Through the Crafts & Business Studies Main Lesson, pupils have embraced the challenge, learning to craft impactful marketing materials as well as eco handcrafted products. They’ve honed skills in enhancing images through Photoshop, creating compelling blurbs with AI support, and using SEO tools to boost their project visibility. This hands-on approach demystifies technology, illustrating its potential as a valuable asset when applied thoughtfully and creatively.

The innovative Main Lesson provides 14- and 15-year-olds with a hands-on opportunity to establish their own craft business, merging traditional entrepreneurial skills with modern digital tools. This holistic approach ensures pupils are not merely passive consumers of technology but active creators and critical thinkers, ready to make their mark in a world where new careers emerge at a rapid pace.


In this course, pupils use a variety of digital tools to enhance their business acumen. They learn to take photographs that appeal to online consumers and to manipulate these images using Photoshop – skills crucial for creating visually compelling content.

Additionally, they learn to understand how to use ChatGPT to assist in creating engaging marketing content and utilise eRank to grasp online market dynamics. These comprehensive skills are applied to their craft business, aiming to produce marketable products that stand out in the digital marketplace.

As part of their Main Lesson, the young adults create marketing materials that highlight their creativity and technical skills. Their handcrafted items, made from a variety of materials, are promoted using tools they’ve mastered. By the end of the three weeks, they demonstrate a solid understanding of digital market trends and consumer preferences.

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This year, the Class aspires to enhance their Class Trip fund through online and Spring Fair sales and aims to broaden their digital footprint, targeting a significant increase in engagement on the school’s Instagram page.


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