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Christmas Market Poster Unveiled

As part of the Capital’s Christmas cultural calendar for 70 years, it is just ten weeks until the School’s largest fundraiser – the Christmas Market – welcoming 2,000 people onto campus for a magical & festive day, themed ‘Enchanted Forest’.


Illustration by alumna Cristina Grohman, whilst in Class 7, under the close guidance and direction of the late Mary Snow (just before she passed away), this calm image was 2015’s poster.


Artwork by pupils is often taken from their individual high art position to promote a concert, market, fair, play, fundraiser in the school; their uniqueness diluted as each A3 colour print slides out the photocopier, gets tacked to windows, and photographed for the Tuesday Notice and social media in an effort to spread the word. Yet these creative pieces stand out as aesthetic examples of the abundance of creativity on campus.

Cartoonist and alumna Lizzy Mikietyn designed both the above elves images (2018 and 2020 – promoting the School’s online Christmas in the pandemic).


Unlike the original that witnesses the hand strokes of the creator, may be framed and displayed, kept for years, a poster is sometimes only seen for a few weeks or even days before it disappears, sometimes forever.


This art piece was painted by alumna Inez Callan – the backdrop to the 2019 poster. It was then framed and auctioned at the Christmas Market.


This album collates them, juxtaposed with their original when one has been reproduced, crediting the author of the piece as a thank you to the pupils, alumni and sometimes teachers who offer them to promote an event.


Another beautiful offering from Lizzy Mikietyn, used in 2016 and the first in-person one after Covid in 2022.


Read the full Tuesday Notice here: Edinburgh Steiner School’s weekly ezine

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And this year…talented former pupil, Orla Bradie (now at Glasgow School of Art) painted this year’s illustration as part of her Class 10 Art Main Lesson with Penny Reid, painting animals in Class 10 (age 15). The exquisite textures of this large piece can be absorbed at this year’s Christmas Market, where it will be on display.