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Appointment of Transition Manager Announced

Just before the summer holidays we wrote to you with information about changes to the management structure of the school.
Subsequently we took the first step on that journey by advertising for the post of Transition Manager, incorporating the role of interim Education Manager. We are delighted to say that we have now appointed Nick Brett to that post. Nick is excited and enthused by his appointment and we look forward to working with him, alongside the Operations Manager, the Management Group and the College of Teachers, in supporting the school as it transitions to a new governance structure.
Our school is well established and has grown since the earlier days of a slender management structure where much of the administrative work landed on a very few shoulders, most of which had busy teaching timetables as well. The school is now at a more mature stage and we are moving forward to equip it with the governance and leadership to meet the challenges of today.
We see this post serving the whole school community, including pupils, staff and of course parents. We would like the school to be more agile, rigorous and timely in  listening and responding to the various needs and concerns that naturally arise in any educational institution. One of the drivers for this appointment is to lay the foundations for a senior management team; this cannot be done single-handedly and we are confident that the school community will work together to enable the school to transition smoothly into the future.
We look forward to the opportunities that this new role opens up for the school and for a fruitful year ahead.
Mike Palmer
Chair of Trustees
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