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Pupil Opinion Piece: Hadrian’s Wall Trip (Class 6)

Class Teacher, Karen Ford (below left), asked pupil Margaret (first left) to write a 300-word piece on hers and her classmates’ recent school trip to Hadrian’s Wall – a staple in the Class 6 curriculum at Edinburgh Steiner School.


Reflections On Our Hadrian’s Wall Excursion

written by Marzi MacDougald


Our Class 6 trip to Hadrian’s wall was riddled with laughter, sleep deprivation, and sunburns that left the Class with farmer’s tans and headaches. That being said, it was an unforgettable experience that had its ups and downs, but far exceeded my expectations in every way.


When I first heard I was to sleep in a room with seven people and would have to share one shower between us, I was less than thrilled, but it turned out to be a remarkable experience full of playing games late into the night, discussing riveting (albeit pointless) conversation and gaining a new appreciation of what the Roman’s everyday lives were like.


While walking Hadrian’s Wall, I attained a new understanding of how the Romans were expected to act every day, with beatings in the back of their minds.


We braved the hills where blood was once shed. We were inducted into the Roman army. We experienced adrenaline that would kick in only once it was 12am. We played ‘Capture the Flag’ on a hill so steep it was dangerous.  But most importantly, we laughed at each other’s pyjamas, sang karaoke on the bus, played rounders in the unbearable sun and stayed up far too late being far too loud.



I’m sure some people would have preferred a shortened trip, but for me it did not go on long enough, because from the first night when we were being yelled at by an angry farmer to the last when the whole Class went hoarse from singing at a party that the neighbours will complain about for years, it was a whirlwind of fun, fatigue and frivolity.

Without Ms. Ford’s dedication and planning this amazing opportunity of learning and socialising would not have been possible – she has my immense gratitude and admiration.