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A Programme of Over 100 Main Lessons 

The cornerstone of Waldorf education worldwide is the Main Lesson Programme. Nowhere does this differentiate us most from the mainstream approach than in the Upper School.  At a time where most young people become specialised as a result of their exam choices, pupils at ESS continue to study a broad spectrum of subjects in a non-examination environment.


Over many Tuesday Notice issues, an individual Main Lesson from the senior programme has been spotlighted, including this term: Crafts (Class 9), Internal Organs (Class 10), Astronomy and Architecture (Class 12).


In the Autumn Term, Lime CycleChemistry (Class 7), History (Class 8), Farming and Geology (Class 9), Botany (Class 11) and World Religion (Class 12)


In other issues, Class 8 Independent Projects, Class 8 Play,   Embryology and Trigonometry (Class 10), Surveying (Class 11),  Class 12 PlayClay Heads and Three King’s Play (Class 12)


The thematic approach characteristic of the Main Lesson is common enough in mainstream primary schools, but in Steiner schools the Main Lesson Programme runs all the way through to Class 12. As a result, irrespective of whether pupils veer towards the arts or the sciences in their exam choices, they continue to receive a valuable grounding across all subjects from Mechanics to Politics to Statistics & Probability, as well as Crafts (Woodwork, Copperwork, Felting), Music (Choir, Orchestra), Drama (Class plays) and Movement (PE, Eurythmy).


This holistic approach to education, something which Curriculum for Excellence is striving to achieve, engages the whole child practically and emotionally as well as intellectually. By the age of 17 and 18, when all of Scotland’s mainstream youngsters are focused on Highers or Advanced Highers, our approach is uniquely broad.


There are 117 Main Lessons over an education spanning twelve years, in Lower School and Upper School. To learn more about this cornerstone programme in Waldorf education, read: What Is A Main Lesson? And Why Is It Such A Big Part Of The Timetable?


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A Programme of Over 100 Main Lessons  – Main Lesson Programme

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