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Astronomy Pupils Create Artistic Views of Exoplanets

As part of the Astronomy Main Lesson, Class 12 pupils observed the sky from their classroom by using an Altitude / Azimuth mount and an Equatorial mount telescope. The final presentation of Exoplanets can be viewed below.


In the Astronomy Main Lesson block, pupils started from the latest news and discoveries, as they were recently presented by leading astronomers from various fields of research and who are working at the threshold of new discoveries, as the newest technology development allows us to research even deeper in the depths of the Universe.

The Class recalled techniques of observing the sky, exploring what can be observed with the naked eyes verses telescope. Visiting previous important moments in the history of the development of this science, pupils researched and shared knowledge about the Solar system and the Zodiac, in connection with the day of the week and month in which we were born, the relation and influence to life on Earth (eclipses, tides, biodynamic agriculture, Eurythmy gestures and organs in the human body, homeopathic medicine, and so on.


They witnessed how human beings were able to change the course of the Universe, by defecting a binary asteroid system and slightly changing its characteristics; and followed the path in the sky of the comet that joined us in our journey, only to return near Earth in 50,000 years time!

As our research stretched further from our own Solar system, we tried to create an artistic view of a set of 7 rocky planets that were recently discovered orbiting around a star” notes Teacher, Alin Ciurariu.

This brought an interesting insight in what the work of an astronomer researching the deep space of the Universe might imply.”


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Astronomy Pupils Create Artistic Views of Exoplanets – Steiner Waldorf Main Lesson Programme

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