Edinburgh Steiner School

Main Lesson

Main Lessons are unique to Steiner Schools, providing every pupil with a broad spectrum of learning experiences throughout their education.

Beginning in Class 1 (age 6) and continuing throughout the 12 years of their education, Main Lessons are topic blocks that are carefully constructed to provide a balance between Humanities, Sciences and Crafts. The subjects themselves are selected to be appropriate for a particular age group and developmental stage. A topic is normally studied continuously for between three and four weeks to create an in-depth knowledge and lasts for 2 hours per day in the Lower School and 1.5 hours per day in the Upper School (to allow examination subjects to be timetabled).

For example, in Class 5 (age 10-11) pupils enjoy a Main Lesson on Ancient Greece. Rather than studying the subject from a textbook, pupils are required to build their own Main Lesson books as a record of the topic. The Class Teacher brings the subject to life by combining Maths, Literature, Creative Writing, Mythology and History in a creative and engaging delivery. Practical application of the subject is a key ingredient of Main Lessons. During Ancient Greece, our pupils join with children from Steiner schools across the UK to participate in the 'Steiner Olympics' - a re-creation of a traditional Olympic Games.