Edinburgh Steiner School

College of Teachers

The policy-making body of the Edinburgh Steiner School is the College of Teachers. All the important pedagogical decisions involving the school are discussed and finalised by the College. Decisions are reached by consensus rather than by a head teacher.

The College of Teachers (or 'College' for short) is responsible for admissions, maintaining standards in the curriculum and all other areas relating to learning and teaching. College is made up of teachers who have been at the school for at least a year and have shown their commitment and dedication to the philosophical principles of the school.

This structure is adopted by the majority of Steiner schools throughout the UK and abroad and has a number of benefits. For example:

  • the experience of the whole teaching body can be drawn upon when making decisions
  • colleagues experience ‘collegiate’ working in practice and view the school as a community that they are part of rather than an institution that employs them. This encourages loyalty and dedication
  • this style of cooperative working provides an inspiring example for the pupils to follow
  • the whole teaching body is responsible for and has participated in the agreement of all major decisions.