The Course


About the Course

The Edinburgh Teacher Education Course, which is recognised by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, has always been at the forefront of Steiner Education in the UK and we have an established reputation for training teachers who now work throughout the world, as well as here in Scotland.


In order to maintain this status and as new legislation affecting Independent Schools in Scotland comes into effect, we are working towards the Course being validated by the general teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS). While retaining the uniqueness of Steiner’s philosophy and pedagogical approach with the professional standards and values of Steiner Education, we will also embrace the professional standards and values of the GTCS.


New entrants to the Course will have the opportunity of joining us at this exciting and challenging time. Although most students will be new to many of the ideas and practical activities they will encounter on the Course, by the third year they will be working at a post- graduate level and upon successful completion of the Course will receive a Graduate Diploma in Steiner Teacher Education.


Those not wishing, or needing, an Initial Teacher Training Programme, will benefit from the Course’s newly invigorated content and stimulating opportunities for self-development. Those who are interested in pursuing a teaching path will be able to apply for teaching posts in the UK, including Scotland, if they have the required entry qualifications and have successfully completed the Course. (Internationally, there may be additional state requirements which vary from country to country.)


The University of Edinburgh has committed to undertaking Third Party Credit Rating for The Edinburgh Steiner School Teacher Education Course as part of a five-year agreement of curriculum development and quality assurance. The Steiner School will present their courses for credit rating against the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) levels and if validated and ratified through University processes, these will then be entered onto the SCQF database. The Edinburgh Steiner School will be the awarding body and on successful completion of each course, would issue a certificate indicating the learning outcomes achieved. These certificates would include the logo of The University of Edinburgh to indicate that the courses have been credit rated by them and the SCQF logo to indicate that it is on their database. In a related development, the courses and the overall Edinburgh Steiner School Teacher Education Course will be presented to the GTCS for accreditation.


Course Strands

The main strands of the course are delivered primarily through lectures, guided study, artistic practice and independent work. They include:

  • Philosophy and Anthroposophy – the focus of this strand is the self-development of the individual and generating knowledge of the background ideas which are fundamental to Steiner/Waldorf Education.
  • The Teacher as Artist – through Creative Speech, Eurythmy (artistic movement), Music and the Visual Arts, these modules enable acquisition of the fundamental skills essential for teaching in a Steiner School.
  • Pedagogical Principles and Practice – an integrated study including comparison with Mainstream Education, Curriculum Studies and Child Development as well as themes relating to classroom practice.
  • School Experience – This strand is essential for those wishing to become a Teacher, who must complete a minimum of 18 weeks classroom contact time over the Course, ranging from Observation to full Teaching Practice. This is arranged with each student on an individual basis according to their circumstances.
  • Professional Standards and Values –  This weaves throughout the Course , including personal inner development and awareness, as well as the framework of legal requirements within schools and a basic knowledge of the wider field of educational practice.

Successful completion of each year is required in order to graduate to the subsequent one. This includes achieving minimum grades in all relevant assessments.


For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with our course coordinator,  Deirdre Hill