The course specialises is preparing students as class teachers (Class 1 to 8) and offers a balance of creative activity and academic study.
Artistic training is provided in Eurythmy (movement art), Creative Speech, Painting, Drawing, Modelling, Form Drawing and Storytelling. The study modules include Mathematics, Sciences, Education and Child Development, essential texts by Rudolf Steiner and the work of the Kindergarten (3 ½ – 6 years), the Lower School (6 – 14 years) and the Upper School (14 – 18 years).

The close connection with the Edinburgh Steiner School means that there are also ample opportunities for teaching observation and practice in all areas of the school. Teaching observation and practice is arranged individually for each student, in accordance with their family and/or working life.
The Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course builds a sound foundation in Steiner/Waldorf teacher education through:

  • Direct teaching
  • Guided study
  • Artistic practice
  • Independent work

Please note that the course does not offer a state recognised teaching qualification.

Who is it for?

The lively and varied programme has wide appeal. Current and past students include:

  • Prospective Class Teachers
  • Parents looking for new inspiration or greater understanding of Steiner schools and Steiner education
  • Those dissatisfied with their current careers
  • Those keen to explore a new perspective on the human being and the world
  • Teachers wanting to learn new approaches to take back to their own schools
  • Those in the caring professions/those interested in working in caring professions

The course is recognised by many Steiner/Waldorf schools throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Course Tutors

Deirdre Hill

Deirdre Hill  is a coordinator of the Foundation Course and director of the Teacher Training Course, where she gives courses in  the study of Steiner’s work.  She graduated with an MA in English Literature from Edinburgh University  and a Diploma in Waldorf Education from the Edinburgh Teacher Training Institute. She works as an upper school English teacher at the Edinburgh Steiner School, but also has experience in the Learning Support Department and teaches Religion in the lower school.  A mother of three grown up children, she is inspired by her own education at a Steiner School in England.

Anne Fleming

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course, she has been a Class Teacher for the past twenty years, working with classes 1-8. She loves working with the Steiner curriculum in all its aspects, but has special interest in the Lower classes, working with festivals and the Art syllabus.


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