Extra Curricular Activities

For information on club availability, times, session dates and cost, please log in to your Parent Pay account, and click on ‘Pay for other items’ under each enrolled child’s name to view the full list of after-school activities that are open to them. For more detailed information on individual activities, click on the specific Club below. 


Clubs are booked in termly blocks. It is possible to join mid-term*, availability depending.


   Circus Arts

There are three separate Circus Arts Clubs held in the School hall by teacher Mr Peter Sheen. They are split into Classes 3-4* (Max 25 pupils, two instructors), Classes 5-6  (Maximum 20 pupils) and Classes 7-8 (Maximum 20 pupils).


   Upper School Basketball

This Club is open to up to 14 pupils in Classes 9-12, and Class 8 (by invitation), in the School’s Sports Hall with teacher Mr Peter Sheen.



Chess Club is offered to up to 12 pupils of varying ages and abilities. Held on the first floor of the Edinholme building, the Club is taught by Edinburgh Chess Academy tutor, Jade. There is the opportunity to join the Edinburgh Steiner School Chess Team, and compete in local and national competitions.


This Club takes place in the School Theatre Hall with LAMDA-tutor Margot Renssen. A combined Drama & Musical Theatre workshop is open to up to 20 pupils in Classes 1 – 3. Classes 4 – 7 can join the Drama workshop or the two-hour Drama & Musical Theatre Workshop (Maximum 20 pupils). There is a separate after-school Upper School Drama Club (see below). Drama is scheduled on Class 8’s school timetable, culminating in a Class 8 Play.


   Musical Theatre 

This Club takes place in the School Theatre Hall with LAMDA-tutor Margot Renssen. A combined Drama & Musical Theatre workshop is open to up to 20 pupils in Classes 1 – 3*. Classes 4 – 7 can join the two-hour Drama & Musical Theatre workshop (maximum 20 pupils). Musical Theatre is open to Class 8 pupils. This Club includes a live piano player when required.


   Computer Coding Club

Taught by teacher Fergus Murray, this Club takes place in the Computer Room in Woodlands building, and is open to pupils in Classes 8 – 12 (maximum 10 pupils).


   Ceilidh Dancing

Ceilidhs are part of the social fabric of the School, hosting the quarterly Seasonal Kids Ceilidhs for younger ones, as well as Class-led evening fundraising events throughout the year.

Seasonal Kids Ceilidh – Spring: March 20th 2020                           Seasonal Kids Ceilidh – Summer: June 19th 2020


Note: Ceilidhs for the older children are hosted by classes throughout the year e.g. the annual Burn’s Dinner & Ceilidh (January) and Halloween Ceilidh (October).


     Upper School Drama

Physical Theatre Maker and Performer, Fiona Oliver-Larkin, leads the after-school Drama workshop with pupils from Classes 9 – 12. This club is free to pupils, supported by the Christmas Market Fund (following a successful application submitted by the pupils to the Christmas Market Spending Group).


 Duke of Edinburgh (DofE

Classes 9 – 12 have the opportunity to complete their Brasss, Silver and/or Gold award throughout the year, involving physical, skills, volunteering, expedition sections.


 After-school Care

Wraparound care is offered Monday – Friday until 5.30pm (Kindergarten afternoon care is Monday – Thursday, until 5pm).


During the School Day

     Environmental Action Group

Pupils & teachers – Thursdays 13.00pm – 13.50pm (Ann Jardine’s Room). To contact this group, email: EAG@edinburghsteienrschool.org.uk



Taught voluntarily by parent of the school, this lunchtime yoga in the Eurythmy Room is open to up to twelve participants from Class 6 upwards, including teachers, staff and parents. By donation to the Bursary Fund or Growing Spaces. Please email Frances Gairns to check availability.

    Student Council 

Meet once a month. Next meetings will be held on February 7th,  March 6th, May 1st and June 5th 2020; 9.10am – 10.10am; in the East Coach House.

Contact: Chair.StudentCouncil@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk (Current Chair: Class 12 pupil Jake Horsburgh)

StudentCouncil@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk (Council members)


   Lower School Orchestra

Pupils from Classes 5 – 6 who play an instrument are invited to play in the Lower School Orchestra.

All pupils in Lower School are taught to play the pentatonic flute and recorder. Class 3 upwards are encouraged to start a second instrument of their choosing. Class orchestras are formed and, where possible, timetabled as part of the curriculum.


     Senior Orchestra

Pupils from Class 7 – 12 pupils are invited to play in the Senior Orchestra.


   The Lunchtime Singers

Meet every Monday during term time at 13.00pm in the Eurythmy Room. Open to all pupils, teachers and parents. Some experience of reading sheet music is required. Contact peter.sheen@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk


   Parents & Friends Choir


   Lower and Upper School Choirs

Music has always been integral to the Steiner curriculum and its ability to raise academic standards is now becoming increasingly documented. Choirs for all pupils in Class 5 upwards are timetabled as part of the curriculum. Both choirs regularly perform at school events, assemblies and the Christmas Concert.



Proposed After-School Clubs:


There is an evident need for our pupils to engage in meaningful activities beyond the school day. In response, the school is extending its provision of Clubs, with a view to dove-tail them with finish times. It is hoped this will be both enriching for the children attending them, and convenient to parents too.


Resources will be focused on those clubs with the highest demand. To note interest in any of the below proposed clubs, or to suggest a Club to be considered for the School’s After School Programme, contact: ESSClubs@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk

Lower School Basketball  Tennis   Photography  Skiing Gymnastics & Acrobatics Canoeing  Nutrition