After School Club

It is not necessary to book for a whole term – individual weeks, or short periods, may be booked if space is available. Pre-booking is ESSENTIAL. All booked sessions are paid for upfront, securing your child’s place for those dates (no refunds given). If you would like your child to attend any of the Afterschool Club sessions, please complete the Record of Information form. This can be completed online or a paper cop picked up from the School Office.


If you would like your child to attend any of the After School Club sessions, it is important you complete the After School Club Record of Information electronic form. To book, visit the School shop and select the sessions required.


Playgroup & Kindergarten

Afterschool Club for Early Years children is available Monday to Friday until 5pm by a dedicated Early Years specialist.

Session: 3.15pm until 5.00pm – £10.50/day*


The session typically consists of a short play outside in the Kindergarten garden, then a shared fruit snack.  This is followed by crafts and activities appropriate to the children’s age, which may include a rest time.

New children joining Playgroup or Kindergarten, especially when very young, should first get used to the morning rhythm.  Once they are settled, and with their teacher’s recommendation, they can start After School Club.


Class 1-5

There is a facility for Class 1 to Class 5 pupils Monday to Friday until 5.30pm. Spaces are offered dependent on availability.

Children in Afterschool Club enjoy playing in small groups and may involve seasonal art and craft projects, as well as outdoor games in the school grounds.


1pm – 3.15pm – £13.50/day*

3.15pm-4.15pm – £6/day*

4.15pm – 17.30pm – £7.50/day*

The times are reviewed every year and we respond according to requirements when it is cost effective to do so.


Alternatively, please view our programme of after-school activities here:

After School Clubs Programme  – postponed following covid-19 measures.


*Edinburgh Steiner School is a partner-provider of Tax-Free Childcare. After-School Club can be paid through a Tax-Free Childcare account, reducing the cost by 20% for children eleven and under.