Edinburgh Steiner School


“I had such can amazing time here! I wish I could stay longer. The whole school is just so open and friendly. From the first day, I had the feeling that I belonged here. I’m so happy that I made the decision to come here; it’s not just because my English improved a lot, it’s also because I made many new friends. I’ve changed a lot since my first day in Scotland and I’ll never forget my great time here in Edinburgh.”  Luise, Germany, 

“I’ve been here since January; I’ve only three days left and I think I have never been so sad to leave a place! Since the first day I arrived here, everyone accepted me. I have made fantastic friendships and not only in my class…everybody talks to each other and everybody smiles.” Ennia, Germany, Spring and Summer Terms 2016

“During my time here, I enjoyed the school. Everyone is nice and the teachers are really good; everyone is open to helping. There are a lot of interesting things to do and see in Edinburgh.”  Angelina, Italy, Spring and Summer Terms 2016

“I’d recommend the school to anyone who’d like to study abroad as they can be sure of being included in the school community and of meeting many new people.” - Vesna, Switzerland, Spring 2016

“I loved our trip to Loch Lomond…the forest was like another world. It felt like stepping into a sort of fairy realm, like all the trees and plants were alive and the waterfall was sparkling magically.” - Nathalie from Finland, Spring 2016

“On our way to Loch Lomond, you could see how the environment changed from big streets, to castles, to villages, to houses….I can just say that it was a perfect day!” - Rafaela from Germany, Spring 2016