Edinburgh Steiner School

Upper School Curriculum

One of the unique aspects of the Steiner curriculum is its breadth. Nowhere is this more evident than in the four years of the Upper School. At a time where most young people become specialised as a result of their exam choices, pupils at the Edinburgh Steiner School continue to study a broad spectrum of arts, sciences, crafts and humanities in addition to their national exam subjects.

They are able to do so because of the Main Lesson programme which includes the study of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History; Philosophy; Organic Chemistry; History of Art; Economic Geography; Surveying; Physics; History of Architecture; Geology; Media Studies; and Renaissance Art. Artistic and practical subjects also continue to be timetabled for all pupils.

As a result, irrespective of whether pupils veer towards the arts or the sciences in their exam choices, they continue to receive a valuable grounding across all subjects. This results in pupils, who have experienced a Steiner education, having a breadth of understanding and skills that tutors in Higher Education find both unusual and impressive.

School trips, including a range of residential trips, form a key part of the Upper School curriculum. In Class 9, a week is spent working at Garvald Farm near West Linton. To support a Main Lesson on Surveying, Class 11 spends a week on Arran or in the Highlands while our final year pupils join other Class 12s from across the UK at a conference in East Sussex.