Edinburgh Steiner School

Daily Rhythm

The rhythm of daily life is simple and unhurried without the notions of 'achievement',' success', or 'failure'. Each of the small Kindergarten groups has its own specialist teacher, a cloakroom, cooking area and entrance to a large communal garden with swings, a sandpit, lawn and climbing trees to explore.

Daily Activities

The morning's activities are carefully balanced. Every day begins with a short activity such as painting, cleaning or baking which leads into an hour of free play to encourage imaginative thinking. Each room offers a wide variety of natural 'unformed' toys, including shells, stones, fir cones, coloured cloth and blankets which can become whatever the child wants them to be.

Skills Development

Water-colour painting, drawing, modelling, hand-crafts, baking, woodwork and other artistic activities awaken creativity, while the rich imagery of fairy tales, poetry, plays and songs nourishes the child's language skills and feelings. Circle games and outdoor play increase physical strength, agility and grace, while seasonal festivals foster a meaningful connection with nature.

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