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Further Reading

Further Reading

Early Years Education

The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy by Steiner, R. & Adams, G. and M. (translators) 1909 (Rudolf Steiner Press)

Lifeways: Working with family questions, a parents’ anthology by Davy, G. & Voors, B. 1983 (Hawthorn Press)

Steiner Education in theory and practice by Childs, G. 1991 (Floris Books)

Free to Learn: Introducing Steiner/Waldorf early childhood education by Oldfield, L. 2001 (Hawthorn Press, Stroud)

The Well Balanced Child: Movement and early learning by Goddard, S. & Rowling, M. 2004 (Hawthorn Press, Stroud)

Toxic Childhood: How the modern world is damaging our children and what we can do about it by Palmer, S. 2007 (Orion, London)

You are your Child’s First Teacher by Baldwin, R. 1989 (Celestial Arts, Berkeley Calif.)

Festivals, Family and Food by Carey, D. & Large, J. 2001 (Hawthorn Press, Bath)

All Year Round by Druitt, A., Fynes, C. & Rowling, M. 1995 (Hawthorn Press, Gloucester)

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Patterson, B. & Bradley, P. & Riordan J. 2000 (Perfect Paperback)

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Oppenheimer, S. & Gross, S. 2006 (Steinerbooks)

For Parents of Younger Children

Parenting, a Path through Childhood by Dotty Turner Coplen (Floris Books)

Children at Play by Heidi Britz-Crecelius (Floris Books)

Ready to Learn by Martin Rawson (Hawthorn Press)

Work and Play in Early Childhood by Jaffke, F. 1997 (Floris Books)

Steiner/Waldorf Education

The Way of a Child by A. C. Harwood (Rudolf Steiner Press)

Teaching as a Lively Art by Marjorie Spock (Rudolf Steiner Press)

The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner Press)

Lifeways by Gudrun Davy and Bons Voors (Hawthorn Press)

Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Education (Steiner Schools Fellowship)

Eurythmy, an Art of Movement for Our Time (available from the School Office)

The Waldorf Parenting Handbook by Lois Cusick (St George Books)

Steiner Education by Gilbert Childs (Floris Books)

Waldorf Education by Christopher Clauder & Martyn Rawson (Floris Books)

Further Reading about Festivals

Festivals, Family and Food by D Carey and J Large (Hawthorn Press)

All Year Round by Druitt, Fynes and Rowling (Hawthorn Press)

Family Festivals & Food by Diana Carey and Judy Large (Hawthorn Press)

Festivals with Children by Brigitte Barz (Floris Books)

Festivals and their Meaning by Rudolf Steiner (Rudolf Steiner Press)

The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation by Sergei Prokofieff (Temple Lodge Press)

The Rhythm of the Christian Year by Emil Bock (Floris Books)

Celebrating Festivals Around the World by Evelyn Capel (Temple Lodge Press)

The Christian Year by Evelyn Capel (Floris O.P)

Celebrating Festivals with Children by Lenz (Anthroposophic Press Inc)

Festival Images for Today by Carlo Pietzner (Camphill Books)

Festivals Together by Fitzjon, Weston and Large (Hawthorn Press)

Living a Spiritual Year by Adrian Anderson (Rudolf Steiner Press)

Stories for the Festivals of the Year by Irene Johanson (Robinswood Press)

About Stories

The Power of Stories by Horst Kornberger (Floris Books)

The Wisdom of Fairy Tales by Rudolf Meyer (Floris Books)

Stockists: These and other books can be bought or ordered from:

  • Helios Fountain, 7 Grassmarket, Edinburgh (031 229 7884)
  • The Mulberry Bush, 77 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4AY (0131 447 5145)
  • The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (www.steinerwaldorf.org)
  • Many books can be borrowed from the School library and/or Kindergarten Parent Library