Edinburgh Steiner School

Dress Code

Dress Code

As the school does not have a uniform, the requirements for school dress are based on considerations of health, neatness and cleanliness together with practicality and suitability for school. Therefore we seek the co-operation of parents/guardians and pupils in steering a course between strict formality and casual attire. Consequently we would consider the following unsuitable for school:

  • Clothing which is badly worn, torn or heavily soiled
  • Clothing displaying pictures or slogans. NB The only writing on garments which is acceptable is the maker’s logo, and then when no more than 10cm at its widest point
  • Sports team tops or football shirts
  • Military garments or similar uniforms
  • Garments which reveal a bare midriff i.e. low slung trousers or skirts or cropped tops
  • Garments which do not cover the upper torso/shoulders properly i.e. vest tops with thin shoelace straps
  • Mini skirts. That is, skirts with a hem more than 6 inches above the knee
  • Any facial piercings (apart from earrings) including nose or eyebrow studs/bars/rings and any piercings in the area of the mouth
  • Any tattoos on conspicuous parts of the body (for example hands, arms, neck etc.)
  • Dark glasses or sunglasses (unless required for medical reasons and in such a case the school must be notified)

Please note:

  • Sportswear is not allowed in class outside PE or sports lessons
  • Woolly hats, baseball caps and all other forms of headgear are not to be worn in class
  • Clothing should be sufficiently warm so that outer garments, jackets, coats and anoraks need not be worn in class under normal circumstances
  • Patterned fabrics are permissible
  • Only trainers, plimsolls or eurythmy shoes are to worn in the gym hall
  • All articles of clothing /equipment must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. The school cannot take responsibility for lost belongings or clothing

Jewellery and make up

Lower School: Pupils are not permitted to wear any make-up (including unnatural hair colourants and nail varnish). Jewellery is not allowed below Class 7, except for sleepers which may be worn in pierced ears.

Any jewellery worn in Classes 7 & 8 must be in moderation and be in keeping with the guidelines set out by the Class Teacher.

Upper School: Pupils are required to ensure that their dress, make-up and jewellery (if worn) are within moderate bounds and in keeping with the considerations above.

Infringement of the above dress code will incur a detention and /or parents/guardians will be informed. (For further information please also see Section 4 of the Parents handbook).