Edinburgh Steiner School

Settling in

The school is experienced in helping new pupils and their families to settle in. Prospective pupils are encouraged to come for a visit as part of the application process which can last 2 - 3 days. This allows them to enjoy classes with their peer group, meet their potential teachers and learn more about what the school has to offer.

When pupils join the school, they are assigned a buddy from their class who helps them to settle in. Our PTA has also developed a buddy system for parents who are joining the school to help them to get the most out of school life. Each class also has a parent convener who is an experienced parent of the school. They help to integrate new parents into the class group and involve them in the many aspects of the school community.

Academic support is offered to new pupils of the school to enable them to reach the same level as their peer group. This is particularly important for pupils who join midway through the school and who have not had the opportunity to study Modern Languages previously.

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