Edinburgh Steiner School

Parent Testimonials

Tom Melville, Lower School Parent: "Our daughter Phoebe joined the Edinburgh Steiner School at the start of the spring term this year. The difference in her since then can be concisely described. At her previous school she would come up with any excuse as to why she didn’t have to go to school. At the gates of the Edinburgh Steiner School, she gives us a dismissive peck on the cheek and races up the stairs to Mr Houldsworth’s class.

"Add to this an actual ability to remember – and wax lyrical about – what she did during the day, her constant chatter about her friends, the songs she is learning and the things she is making or drawing or hearing stories about, and the difference is night and day."

Janey Jones, Lower School Parent: “I chose the Edinburgh Steiner School because I was disenchanted with the alternative approaches. In particular, I was attracted to the Steiner emphasis on oral and interactive learning. I love the idea that the children are encouraged to get to the very bottom of everything. How a plant grows, how electricity comes about, or how a certain tribe behaves...the approach is thorough, but never dry. The detailed Main Lessons are a revelation and the finished workbooks are gorgeous works to keep for a lifetime.

“I would thoroughly recommend the Steiner school to other families. At last, the mainstream is learning from Steiner, but it has a long way to go. My children have become much more open to learning, and they do not just see it as a means to an end. They are more curious and they seem to have learned how to tackle a project or a presentation quite naturally due to the roundedness of the main lessons.

“I am pleased that we moved our children to the Steiner school. All three of our children have thrived and will enjoy learning for their whole life-time as a result.”

Pauline Brews, Upper School Parent:My son had just finished Primary 3 at another independent school and I realised that the creative side of my bright bubbly child was being eroded as the focus was on him to attain above average marks in the academic assessments.  I took the decision to move him to the Edinburgh Steiner School and, through their holistic approach to teaching, I have watched my son develop not only academically and creatively but grow into a confident young adult with wonderful values.

“The Edinburgh Steiner offers children a chance to have a hands-on approach to learning allowing them to develop their own self in a safe and nurturing environment. All the usual subjects are covered which enables the children to take a wide variety of exams.  But what makes the School unique is that alongside the academic side the children are taught valuable life lessons that stay with them long after school is finished.”