Edinburgh Steiner School

How do I apply?

The Edinburgh Steiner School builds a relationship with families from as early as pregnancy, throughout their child's education and beyond. The School welcomes boys and girls irrespective of their nationality, race or religion.  Applications can be made throughout the year including school holidays. Our teaching staff are experienced in settling pupils in midway through a term.

Admissions Procedure

  • All applications should be made in writing on the School's standard Application Form. This can be downloaded here or is available from the School Office on 0131 337 3410.
  • Applications must be accompanied by the application fee (currently £60) and by reports from the child’s current school where appropriate.
  • Admission is by interview by the Kindergarten Teachers, a Lower School Class Teacher or an Upper School Class Guardian depending on the age of the child. A second teacher will attend all interviews.
  • Applications will be acknowledged by the Admissions Secretary within five working days during term time and an interview date will be offered.
  • The interview with the Teacher/Guardian is followed by a financial interview with the School Bursar. Where a child has previously attended another independent school, the Bursar will request, in writing, a financial reference from the institution.
  • Parents may request an informal talk with the Teacher prior to applying formally.
  • Parents may request after interview that their child has a 2 or 3 day trial in the class they are applying to. This may be granted at the Teacher’s discretion and is not available prior to a formal application.
  • Applications will be presented to the College of Teachers, who meet every Thursday evening during term time. A recommendation to College will be made by the interviewing teachers and a decision is normally made on the same evening. On some occasions, a decision will be held over until the following week.
  • When a child is accepted, a letter of offer will be sent out by the Bursar within 5 working days of the College’s decision. Acceptance of the place must be made by completing the enrolment form which accompanies the letter. The enrolment form is a legal document which binds the parents to the terms therein.

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