Edinburgh Steiner School

Former Pupil Testimonials

Rebecca McKinlay, postdoctoral research assistant at the Centre for Toxicology in the University of London: My time at the Edinburgh Steiner School gave me a broader education and range of experience than my previous school. I was free to be myself without being bullied or ostracised. I just wish I'd been there for the entirety of my education. I graduated from Aberdeen Uni with a first in Organic Agriculture and did a PhD in Environmental Science at Imperial College, London.”

Ben Norton, Designer for Fossil Watch Design and Development Centre, Switzerland: “I found the School to be a very nurturing and supportive environment. I graduated with a 2:1 in 3-D Design from the University of Central Lancashire. The school was also very good at giving the students awareness and appreciation with their various foreign exchange student programmes. This has greatly helped me in my life and careers as my career and life so far have spanned 3 continents."

Flora McPhail, Outdoor Education Instructor:  "I did two degrees at Edinburgh University and now work in outdoor education. I have learned from working with mainstream children that they can lack coordination and often struggle with using their imagination. Steiner's use of movement and imaginative play is so important for the developing child.”

Jenny Martin, Brand Manager, Egmont UK (Publishers of Mr. Men and Thomas the Tank Engine books): "I moved to London after completing my schooling to do a masters in Publishing and stayed on when I got a job at HarperCollins Children's books. I have very fond memories of school and am still in touch with the good friends I made there. Coming from a Steiner School has always made a good talking point in interviews."

Patrick Shannon, Technical Director for Sensor Design and Manufacturing company SST sensing:  "I think the balance of education at the school was a great benefit. While I was always going to be strongly biased to the sciences, the more artistic subjects were beneficial, as were the crafts like woodwork, which I loved and still do.While riding in a taxi in Bangalore one day, I was able to chat to the driver about the Hindu gods which I'd learned about in a Main Lesson in the Lower School - he was pleasantly surprised!
"The excellent teaching of German at the school and the exchanges were great. I still regularly practice my German with customers at work. I can also still remember the details of Mr Reynold's excellent trigonometry Main Lesson which stood me in good stead when the hard stuff came along at university.

"Another thing I got from the school was a confidence in my abilities and the willingness to try new things.   I think the education provided me with a certain maturity in both my outlook and my demeanour. When I started my career in engineering, people automatically assumed I was older and more experienced than I was so they gave me greater challenges and responsibility. This was very good from the perspective of rapidly gaining experience and did my career no harm at all."